Thursday, April 6, 2017

Equipping students and the poor for greater life encounters.
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Dear Ray Pittman,

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We have moved forward in our plans to build a dorm/guest house at Oasis Farm, but we are still in need of $40,000. By faith we intend to break ground this month (in order to finish it before a large group arrives in February next year to stay in it)!

Would you be willing to consider coming alongside us in this fundraising effort?  Help spread the word? Share to your church?  Come and build? Help with grant-writing?  PRAY?  Advise? No donation or role is too small . . . If God puts this on your heart, we would love to have you join in this vision with us.  We are fairly limited with what we can do from here and need your partnership.

Our vision is to use this place to host missions teams, disciple students and locals, and provide training in vocational skills specifically to those who are in poverty.  We are in this for the eternal impact this property has the potential to offer.

Please click the button below for tax-deductible donations (or direct giving through PayPal).  
Click HERE to support Island Encounters (tax-deductible) or Oasis Farm (donations through PayPal). Either way will get us closer to our goal of getting the guest house built!


Earlier this year we were blessed and humbled by a generous donation from a youth group in Australia.  The kids worked hard to raise funds to send to us for the vision we have for students and the poor in Fiji.  (A bake sale is pictured below). They didn't just give out of their excess, either--they gave sacrificially.  One boy gave up the money he had intended to use to buy a new winter coat.  Another gave up a Justin Beiber concert to send us the money.  These acts of kindness, self-sacrifice and generosity gave us a huge dose of new hope that we needed at just the right time.  This also gave us the confirmation we needed to step out in faith to tackle some of these financially daunting projects.  We really believe this is what the Lord wants us to do and that He will provide for the rest of the project funds.  We are doing everything in our power to come up with these funds and trusting God for the rest.


  • The girls are enjoying home-school
  • Laura was able to lead two women to the Lord this month
  • Ray spent two weeks in Suva helping Homes of Hope build fish ponds to help provide food for the single moms and kids that live there (he learned a lot, too)
  • Laura has been working hard to complete her MA degree final project this month!
  • Emily (mission-nanny) is doing great and is a real blessing
  • Laura continues to teach and do photography part-time
  • Ray continues to teach the book of John at the Fiji College of Theology & Evangelism
  • We've enjoyed taking several visitors and our kids out to volunteer at Loloma House (a home for single moms and orphans close to Oasis Farm).
  • We planted over a thousand papaya trees at Oasis Farm; hopefully they will bear fruit next year as well as funding for Island Encounters! The watering is a big job right now. (Click on the photos below for more pictures in our photo gallery!)


We will be welcoming another two-week team from Capernwray Bible School in New Zealand tomorrow.  This is their third time to send us a team and we are looking forward to it.  We'll be hosting them between our home and our teammates home and the team will be working at Oasis Farm as well as doing Kid's Clubs and volunteering at Loloma House (a home for single mothers and orphans).  Eden, Elani and Isla have given up their bedroom for the team and are looking forward to having college kids around again for a while.  Please pray for the team that they would be blessed and be a blessing to those they meet!


Another way to help us out right now is by handing out some little business cards we've designed to promote our student program for next year (see below).  Please reply to this email to let us know if we could mail you some of these cards to pass out to friends, or put out at your school, church, camp, etc.  We have an awesome program to offer students, but it's hard to spread the word when we're on the other side of the world!  Please let us know if you can help.

Thank you for your partnership and interest in our lives and ministry here in Fiji.  Sometimes we feel a bit alone out here.  We are hoping to hear back from you on this email, please let us know if you read these updates, pray for us, want to help us spread the word or have some other great idea to help us out! If you'd like to give, click here.

Because of Him,

Ray, Laura, Eden, Elani & Isla Grace


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